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Digital presence management is a must for any business serving local customers. Digital presence is like a sign for your business; online. Small business entrepreneurs often overlook the power of online information and how it represents their business to new and existing customers.  Online presence management is the specific way a business that appears on-line and the way that it is updated and preserved for the best and most effective online visibility. A business can have multiple listings across many different platforms on the Internet. The databases used to gather information concerning millions of local online businesses vary greatly from source to source. There is no regulating body that requires the information to be consistent or correct. Digital presence optimization is the responsibility of each business owner.

Local Business Loses Customers Due To Wrong Information

Local business is likely to suffer due to wrong information listed online. Local businesses often have inaccuracies that include address information, business name, and even wrong map information.Small local businesses cannot afford the cost of losing new customers due to avoidable mistakes like incorrect listings. While having a digital presence is imperative, it is also important that online presence management is used to assure that the business listings are correct, consistent, and current. The affordability of an SEO specialist, marketing professional, or social media coordinator for most local businesses is not practical. Maintaining a digital presence is needed on an ongoing basis however most local businesses budgets cannot sustain this level of employee.

Digital Presence Management Service-How To Find Them

Digital presence management service can be tricky to find. While at first glance a digital presence management service may seem complete if they include submitting  business listings to the major search engines. The reality is submission to search engines or online directories does not ensure that the local businesses listings will ever appear online. It is important to understand that listings are free on the major search engines and online directories; therefore, there is no obligation on their part to provided your  business listing or to keep it updated according to your specifications. Finding the right online presence management service for your business should include at the very minimum, the ability to update and correct all relevant local business listings online. The digital presence management service should have the ability to provide online reporting and prove that the listings are accurate and being updated.  A digital presence management service offering the ability to add additional content including hours, special products and features, as well as staff bios would be extremely beneficial to any local business with a limited budget.

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