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Customer reviews are the most effective way for local
businesses to compete on the Internet.  Customer reviews have become one of the most significant ways for Google and other major search engines to validate the authenticity of an existing business.  For the local business entrepreneur customer reviews are the most cost effective way to benefit from free Internet marketing.  Getting customer reviews is not an easy task.  It can be overwhelming  and quite a daunting process.  Think about it, it is like asking someone; so what you think about me?  Most entrepreneurs, especially local business owners are not comfortable asking for customer reviews.

Local Business Customer Reviews in Three Easy Steps

Local business customer reviews are personal.  Local business consists of friends and acquaintances in your geographical area.  Customer reviews can really boost your bottom line if you pay attention.  So hopefully these three easy steps for customer reviews will help boost your local business.

  1. Make a flyer or postcard that clearly request customer reviews and give it to every single customer.  96% of consumers look at reviews about the business prior to choosing to become a customer.  Make no mistake about it; people read customer reviews. They also look for the best consumer review websites. Yet only 6% of consumers actually post reviews.  So that customer, who loves your business and promises to post a review is not likely to do so.  Customers have good intentions; however, it is not their responsibility to grow your business.  A “leave behind” like a flyer or postcard will remind them to post a good review for your business.  Be sure to include instructions on how to post a review  online and direct them on where you want them to place the review.
  2. Start with family, friends, and former customers to quickly boost positive customer reviews. Getting new reviews is easier when you have existing reviews.  Remember if only 6% of consumers are leaving reviews you need to “prime the pump” to make it easier for customers to leave reviews.  Make sure that the reviews are real (fake reviews are frowned upon and will cost you search engine visibility and could get your business banned from some sites).  Encourage customers, friends and family, to be specific in their positive reviews and use as many of your business keywords as possible.  If you are asking for reviews on Yelp remember that there is a possibility a positive review will not be published if the customer review is not from a customer who uses Yelp regularly.

Free Internet Marketing Is Easier Than You Think

Free Internet marketing is not something most local businesses owners believe they will ever find.  Free Internet marketing is easy with multiple positive reviews online.  Customer reviews are the best marketing a business can receive.  Of course, free Internet marketing is only effective and beneficial if it is positive.  It is important to remember that negative customer reviews are also impactful to a local business.

  1. Provide a promotion, coupon, or gift card when asking for a customer review.

It is frowned upon to pay for a customer review.  It is a much better experience for the customer if the customer is enticed with a coupon or some other promotional incentive to provide a review on behalf of your business.  The incentive does not need to be excessive and should not be predicated upon leaving a positive review.  It should only entice the customer to actually leave a review on your behalf.  Don’t be afraid to ask for the review.  Most customers leave positive customer reviews.  Be honest with yourself.  If the customer is leaving a negative customer review, be objective and see if there is anything your company can do differently so that the experience for customers is a better experience.  This is the only way companies can go from good to great.

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