Local Internet Marketing-5 Secrets

Local Internet Marketing-5 Secrets

Local internet marketing is a daunting process for small businesses.  There is not a day that goes by that businesses are not hunted by phone calls, emails, and direct mail pieces from  local SEO service providers promising everything from front page placement for $1 to free web sites.  To label the offerings as confusing would be kind.  Many are outright and blatant misrepresentations concerning what is possible; especially for small local businesses.  For most businesses that serve local customers existence on the Internet begins with a local business listing.  Simply put, this is an indexed listing that includes the business name, telephone number, and published address.  In some cases it may appear in relation to a business category.  From this point, this is where it gets confusing.  Local internet marketing tips include  five big secrets to local internet marketing.  Once you are aware of the secrets the decisions concerning how and where to market your local business will become much easier.

Local SEO Service Can Help Jumpstart Your Position

Local SEO service can help with a local business listing services and help to create accurate business listings for local internet marketingThis is big secret #1.    Typically a teenager or a college student no longer will suffice for accurately and effectively creating a digital presence.  SEO is usually not something young people learn in school.  They are usually great at social media as it is part of their daily lives. SEO is not the same as social media marketing. Big secret #2– there is a lot of mileage for local internet marketing with reviews on Google Plus.  It does not cost anything to boost the customer reviews of a business on Google Plus.  Your local business listing on Google Plus is an excellent opportunity to showcase your business. Google Plus allows for videos, photos, links to other social media and more.  Reviews on Google Plus are extremely powerful. Big Secret #3-When previous customers see positive review activity on your Google Plus page they are much more likely to add their positive comments to your page.  This is a simple case of momentum.  Once the ball starts rolling with new positive customer reviews you must be committed to continue to “prime the pump.”  Your local business listing will never have more power without your individual effort encouraging and enticing customers to post positive reviews.  Nothing beats this!  Even paid advertising!


Local Business Listing Is Free –It’s Not Advertising

Local business listing is provided for every business.  It is provided free of charge; therefore, you have no control over its accuracy.  Local internet marketing is not like old school directory advertising in print form.  There is no requirement that businesses verify the listings or check them for accuracy.  Local SEO service providers contact small businesses regularly to offer help with managing their local business listing.  Big secret #4 –local business listing is not a singular listing.  There are likely multiple listings throughout the internet that are probably incorrect or -at the very least do not match.  Although many local internet marketing  companies will call by phone and claim that they can drive your website to the front page of Google the reality is if basic local business listing information is inconsistent or incorrect it is unlikely that your website will appear on the front pages of Google without paid Google Adwords.  Big Secret #5– businesses that are successful using local SEO service are making an investment in their business to have their local business listings and their website managed by a professional.  It is rare that a local small business can afford to hire a local internet marketing expert.  Over the past 5 years it has become increasingly more difficult to maintain a strong digital presence without some investment in local internet marketing.  Elite Local Listings is a small boutique internet marketing company that offers local business listing services, local Internet marketing services, and website design and optimization.  Elite Local Listings specializes in local small business marketing for companies with less than five employees and offers affordable marketing programs with live customer support.  For more information contact Elite Local Listings at 1888 884-0368.


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