Local SEO Service is not difficult to find.  Local internet marketing is a must for small businesses.  It is about much more than claiming your local business listingLocal SEO Service must include the digital presence management of your entire business brand.  This means having an optimized website, accurate local business listings, and an active social media presence.  Local internet marketing is based on a simple and consistent theme.  We like to call it…  Three little things

Local Internet Marketing Content Must Be Current

Local internet marketing is useless if the information is not fresh and current.  This means that local SEO service must include constant updating of your content to assure that the search engines will find the information new and fresh.  This is #1 of the three(not so little things) that will make or break your business.  That website that your grandson built five years ago, that you absolutely love, and have not changed in five years -is useless.  Chances are it is not mobile ready so Google has already omitted it from local search.  The local SEO service that you contracted with previously and have since canceled, may have created your local business listing and now you do not have the passwords or access to update or claim the listings.  Both of these scenarios can prove disastrous for your local small business when it comes to your local internet marketing.  For any customer looking for your services, unless they type your exact name into the search box ,it is not likely that your business will ever show up. Ouch!  Moving on to #2 of the(not so little things) that will make or break your business.  Listing information on your website or within your local business listing that is not relevant to your business is frowned upon by the major search engines like Google. Every local internet marketing expert should warn small businesses.  It is a bad idea to allow any local SEO service to link websites to your website or local business listing that are not relevant to your business category.  Even if they try to convince you that the traffic going to the other website can benefit your website; the truth is the major search engines view this as a violation.  This practice confuses their search engine customer who is searching for a specific service or information and suddenly sees your non-related website or link.  Major search engines can punish your website severely for using non related links or irrelevant information to boost search engine rankings or traffic. SO,DON”T DO IT!!

Local Business Listing Must Be Accurate

Local business listing accuracy is imperative.  This is #3 of our(not so little things) that will make or break your business.  Local internet marketing doesn’t make much sense if your local business listing shows up across the internet with different spelling, address, or business name information.  It’s quite simple: why would Google or any other major search engine risk the customer experience by providing inaccurate information to the customer searching and expecting to find accurate information?  The answer is easy: they won’t serve up your local business listing as an option.  Local SEO service provides small businesses with the management services necessary to manage multiple local business listing products .  Elite Local Listings is a boutique style local internet marketing company that affordably handles listing management, website design, and other services for small businesses.  To find out if Elite Local Listings can assist you in your efforts contact them at 1- 888- 884- 0368.

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