PulseLocal listings are often the last thing a new small business thinks about. Local business owners are more concerned initially with setting up shop for new customers. Business owners are overwhelmed with the responsibilities of keeping the business profitable and are rarely concerned with  listings.

Local Listings Why Are They Important?

Local listings are important not only to small business but also to any business that does business locally. This includes the post office, banks, and even car dealerships. Local listings must include an exact match of name, address and phone number (NAP) for best performance. Local Listings for small business are more likely to contain errors.  Businesses can not afford the  listing errors. The SEO efforts can be negatively affected.

Online Reviews  More Important to Local Listings

Online reviews are more important than ever before to business listings. Online reviews are deemed to be credible by search engines because they are supposed to be created by customers.  These customer  reviews for business online can be a big boost for local business. Customer  reviews online can also have a negative impact if they are recent and reflect poorly on the business. Elite Local Listings monitors online reviews and local listings for small business. Find out more.

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