shoppersCustomer rights are something we can all speak to ; especially when we are angry. Customer rights in the eyes of most people, mean that as a customer I should be satisfied. If I am not..then it is the business owners job to make me happy. Is it…really? Customer rights are something every business owner must remember and respect. There is no need to draft a new definition of customer rights. Simply put: the customer rights should align with basic human rights. These are of course rooted in kindness.

Kindness Is The Best Way to Measure the Rules of a Business

Kindness does not happen in a business by accident. Kindness will help to measure if a practice in the business could be an infringement  on customer rights.  Failing to return calls , placing customers on hold  for extended periods, allowing inexperienced, unqualified agents to service customers are clearly not examples of kindness. It is not true that kindness can be mistaken for weakness in business. Quite the contrary; kindness builds strength.

Customer Responsibility Extends to Attitude

Customer responsibility is rarely discussed in this age of online customer reviews. with the power of online reviews  and customer rights it is important that we all look at customer responsibility. It is  part of the customer responsibility to display kindness. Customer responsibility to be transparent in their sharing of reviews of businesses and products and readily admit their own faults, helps readers to trust the reviews.Awareness of  kindness, customer rights,and customer responsibility are all a part of good business practices.

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