bargin shoppersGood customer reviews happen on purpose. Customer reviews are rooted in the old adage a good word goes a lot further than a bad word. It is important to remember the other adage; the squeaky wheel gets the grease. This is the difference between good customer reviews and bad customer reviews. As a business owner you need to be aware of both. Rather than ask everybody for customer reviews, ask only your raving fans…you already know that they like you!

Social Media Extends the Reach of Every Customer

Social media allows anybody to become a broadcast machine. Social media may begin with those in your inner circle but it does not end there. Social media is online so there are no walls; no boundaries. Social media allows your great customer reviews to be like a commercial for your business and broadcast across multiple platforms. Conversely, social media can give your angry customers a platform that they can use to really hurt your business. Don’t ignore customer reviews.

Review Sites Make it Easy for Customers To Leave Reviews

Review sites are not just Yelp, Yahoo, or Google Plus. Review sites are in multiple places. Review sites can be industry specific and Homeadvisor are a couple of examples. Review sites should be monitored for every business. Review sites may store information that could hurt your business. Every customer review, both good and bad should have an owner response posted online by the business.
Elite Local Listings is an online review management and marketing company specializing in local businesses.

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