Small business success is the goal of every one who dares to embark upon the journey of entrepreneurship. Most of us have been told since high school that small business is the back bone to American success. New customers are the life line to small business; but getting them is the part of the equation with many different answers. Where do small business owners get the motivation? New customers are not attracted to small business locations solely for location. It is important for small business owners to build a loyal following by being genuine and transparent about why they are a local small business.

New Customers Will Care About What You Care About

New customers care about causes and issues that affect their lives. As a small business the motivation for  new customers to choose your business must be compelling. The choices for new customers are overwhelming. Motivation is personal and some new customers will choose a small business solely because it is local ;but relationship trumps everything. Small business owners should nurture customer loyalty and relationships. A small gesture of customer kindness  and the extra mile delivered can pay big dividends especially on social media.

Motivation is a Two Way Street

Motivation to get up everyday and face the challenges of small business is not easy to master without a purposeful plan.  There are a large number of books and online resources for motivation and these are helpful. Without the proper motivation it is difficult to be positive for your customers. Motivation for your customers to choose your small business should come from your efforts to connect with them.

woman doing houseworkElite Local Listings help small business owners connect with their local customers through social media and content rich local listings. For more information call: 1-888-884-0368.

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