Best Website Prices – Just the Beginning

Best website prices is a key search  phrase for many small businesses looking for ways to promote via the Internet.  Unfortunately,finding the best website prices is largely dependent upon a business requirements, budget, and the ability of the web site designers. First businesses need to decide if a new web site is a good idea.  The reality is more than 50% of small businesses do not have a website at all.  So a new website for many small businesses will be their first web site.  A new website is not just a shiny new  toy with beautiful graphics.  It is imperative that the new website is functional and user friendly.  This means when new customers land on your website after searching on the Internet they find exactly what they’re looking for at that moment.

Small business websites require careful planning

Small business websites are offered for free by many different website companies.  While these offers for small business websites may seem very attractive, small businesses must carefully decide if the free offer meets their needs.  Small business websites, like any other website must be able to be found by their customers online.  This means optimization must be part of the website plan.  A new website is like a sign to your business.  If you have a sign on your business that is not visible to your customers it is a waste of money.  Even if the sign was given to the business for free.  The best website prices are really based on value.  When considering a new website customers should be very clear in terms of what is covered under the offer.  Some good questions to ask would be:

  1. Who owns the content should I decide to cancel my account?
  2. How long will it take for the company to build my new website?
  3. How many revisions am I allowed for free and when will you begin to charge me?
  4. Does the price include any optimization or listing to online directories?
  5. Who will update the new website and directory listings and how much will it cost me?

New websites have value for your business

New websites help small businesses level the playing field amongst their competitors.  With a properly designed new website, new customers are less likely to believe that your business is too small to handle their business.  The best website prices can help small businesses to stay within their budget provided they make good long-term decisions.  Elite Local Listings specializes in small business Internet Marketing.  Free website design with a 14 day trial is available for customers who qualify.  For more information contact us at 1-888-884-0368




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Small Business Success-More than Motivation

Small business success is the goal of every one who dares to embark upon the journey of entrepreneurship. Most of us have been told since high school that small business is the back bone to American success. New customers are the life line to small business; but getting them is the part of the equation with many different answers. Where do small business owners get the motivation? New customers are not attracted to small business locations solely for location. It is important for small business owners to build a loyal following by being genuine and transparent about why they are a local small business.

New Customers Will Care About What You Care About

New customers care about causes and issues that affect their lives. As a small business the motivation for  new customers to choose your business must be compelling. The choices for new customers are overwhelming. Motivation is personal and some new customers will choose a small business solely because it is local ;but relationship trumps everything. Small business owners should nurture customer loyalty and relationships. A small gesture of customer kindness  and the extra mile delivered can pay big dividends especially on social media.

Motivation is a Two Way Street

Motivation to get up everyday and face the challenges of small business is not easy to master without a purposeful plan.  There are a large number of books and online resources for motivation and these are helpful. Without the proper motivation it is difficult to be positive for your customers. Motivation for your customers to choose your small business should come from your efforts to connect with them.

woman doing houseworkElite Local Listings help small business owners connect with their local customers through social media and content rich local listings. For more information call: 1-888-884-0368.

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Good Customers Reviews Are The Best Promotion | customer reviews

bargin shoppersGood customer reviews happen on purpose. Customer reviews are rooted in the old adage a good word goes a lot further than a bad word. It is important to remember the other adage; the squeaky wheel gets the grease. This is the difference between good customer reviews and bad customer reviews. As a business owner you need to be aware of both. Rather than ask everybody for customer reviews, ask only your raving fans…you already know that they like you!

Social Media Extends the Reach of Every Customer

Social media allows anybody to become a broadcast machine. Social media may begin with those in your inner circle but it does not end there. Social media is online so there are no walls; no boundaries. Social media allows your great customer reviews to be like a commercial for your business and broadcast across multiple platforms. Conversely, social media can give your angry customers a platform that they can use to really hurt your business. Don’t ignore customer reviews.

Review Sites Make it Easy for Customers To Leave Reviews

Review sites are not just Yelp, Yahoo, or Google Plus. Review sites are in multiple places. Review sites can be industry specific and Homeadvisor are a couple of examples. Review sites should be monitored for every business. Review sites may store information that could hurt your business. Every customer review, both good and bad should have an owner response posted online by the business.
Elite Local Listings is an online review management and marketing company specializing in local businesses.

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Customer Rights-Should We March?

shoppersCustomer rights are something we can all speak to ; especially when we are angry. Customer rights in the eyes of most people, mean that as a customer I should be satisfied. If I am not..then it is the business owners job to make me happy. Is it…really? Customer rights are something every business owner must remember and respect. There is no need to draft a new definition of customer rights. Simply put: the customer rights should align with basic human rights. These are of course rooted in kindness.

Kindness Is The Best Way to Measure the Rules of a Business

Kindness does not happen in a business by accident. Kindness will help to measure if a practice in the business could be an infringement  on customer rights.  Failing to return calls , placing customers on hold  for extended periods, allowing inexperienced, unqualified agents to service customers are clearly not examples of kindness. It is not true that kindness can be mistaken for weakness in business. Quite the contrary; kindness builds strength.

Customer Responsibility Extends to Attitude

Customer responsibility is rarely discussed in this age of online customer reviews. with the power of online reviews  and customer rights it is important that we all look at customer responsibility. It is  part of the customer responsibility to display kindness. Customer responsibility to be transparent in their sharing of reviews of businesses and products and readily admit their own faults, helps readers to trust the reviews.Awareness of  kindness, customer rights,and customer responsibility are all a part of good business practices.

Elite Local Listings helps customers with both online marketing and business advice. Learn more 

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Local Listings Matter

PulseLocal listings are often the last thing a new small business thinks about. Local business owners are more concerned initially with setting up shop for new customers. Business owners are overwhelmed with the responsibilities of keeping the business profitable and are rarely concerned with  listings.

Local Listings Why Are They Important?

Local listings are important not only to small business but also to any business that does business locally. This includes the post office, banks, and even car dealerships. Local listings must include an exact match of name, address and phone number (NAP) for best performance. Local Listings for small business are more likely to contain errors.  Businesses can not afford the  listing errors. The SEO efforts can be negatively affected.

Online Reviews  More Important to Local Listings

Online reviews are more important than ever before to business listings. Online reviews are deemed to be credible by search engines because they are supposed to be created by customers.  These customer  reviews for business online can be a big boost for local business. Customer  reviews online can also have a negative impact if they are recent and reflect poorly on the business. Elite Local Listings monitors online reviews and local listings for small business. Find out more.

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Local SEO Service- 3 Little Things

Local SEO Service is not difficult to find.  Local internet marketing is a must for small businesses.  It is about much more than claiming your local business listing.  Local SEO Service must include the digital presence management of your entire business brand.  This means having an optimized website, accurate local business listings, and an active social media presence.  Local internet marketing is based on a simple and consistent theme.  We like to call it…  Three little things

Local Internet Marketing Content Must Be Current

Local internet marketing is useless if the information is not fresh and current.  This means that local SEO service must include constant updating of your content to assure that the search engines will find the information new and fresh.  This is #1 of the three(not so little things) that will make or break your business.  That website that your grandson built five years ago, that you absolutely love, and have not changed in five years -is useless.  Chances are it is not mobile ready so Google has already omitted it from local search.  The local SEO service that you contracted with previously and have since canceled, may have created your local business listing and now you do not have the passwords or access to update or claim the listings.  Both of these scenarios can prove disastrous for your local small business when it comes to your local internet marketing.  For any customer looking for your services, unless they type your exact name into the search box ,it is not likely that your business will ever show up. Ouch!  Moving on to #2 of the(not so little things) that will make or break your business.  Listing information on your website or within your local business listing that is not relevant to your business is frowned upon by the major search engines like Google. Every local internet marketing expert should warn small businesses.  It is a bad idea to allow any local SEO service to link websites to your website or local business listing that are not relevant to your business category.  Even if they try to convince you that the traffic going to the other website can benefit your website; the truth is the major search engines view this as a violation.  This practice confuses their search engine customer who is searching for a specific service or information and suddenly sees your non-related website or link.  Major search engines can punish your website severely for using non related links or irrelevant information to boost search engine rankings or traffic. SO,DON”T DO IT!!

Local Business Listing Must Be Accurate

Local business listing accuracy is imperative.  This is #3 of our(not so little things) that will make or break your business.  Local internet marketing doesn’t make much sense if your local business listing shows up across the internet with different spelling, address, or business name information.  It’s quite simple: why would Google or any other major search engine risk the customer experience by providing inaccurate information to the customer searching and expecting to find accurate information?  The answer is easy: they won’t serve up your local business listing as an option.  Local SEO service provides small businesses with the management services necessary to manage multiple local business listing products .  Elite Local Listings is a boutique style local internet marketing company that affordably handles listing management, website design, and other services for small businesses.  To find out if Elite Local Listings can assist you in your efforts contact them at 1- 888- 884- 0368.

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