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Elite Local Listings is committed to providing real support. Each inquiry will be answered personally by our Elite Certified Account Manager. You are welcome to use Live Chat, our toll free support line 1-888-884-0368 or send us an e-mail here. Thank you and we look forward to helping your business grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know you have business directory listing errors. Here are some frequently asked questions from local business listing prospective customers:

What is digital presence?

Like street signs do offline, digital presence is local internet marketing that ensures  customers searching online find your local business listing.  Local SEO service including local business listing management is essential. To be successful every business needs a strong digital presence. Local internet marketing helps businesses to do this. A complete digital presence includes but is not limited to: a website, organic search ranking, social media profiles and post, customer reviews, and local business listings.

Why is digital presence important?

Today, 4 out of 5 consumers search for local business listings online. Local internet marketing must be consistent and accurate.  When consumers find incorrect information about the business online, 73% lose trust in that business account and this affects your local internet marketing. And, incorrect information is everywhere! – A 2013 study *found that up to 40% of location information found online is incorrect!  How is so much information incorrect?  Because there is no permanent record or single source of a location data available online. A local SEO service like Elite Local Listings, keeps listings up date. Check out our recent blog for more information.

Why do I need a company to fix my listings can’t I do it myself?

Local SEO service is not your only option. Technically, you can attempt to correct all of your local business listing errors yourself.  The reality is it is very cumbersome and seldom results in the listings been corrected.  And remember, it is critical that they are maintained and updated in order to remain current and accurate. Local SEO service. and other vendors, including data aggregators, will submit your data to sites across the web-but this does not guarantee those sites will publish the information. Our local internet marketing includes proprietary software that  allows us to control your digital presence.  When sites do agree to accept submitted data, it will often take months to update.  Only the proprietary software that we use in our local internet marketing allows us to update your listings in real time.  Aggregators only submit the most basic data for your local business listing and will not send rich content like photos, videos, menus, product lists, staff bios, or event calendars. As your local internet marketing company,we will do this is for you.  If you are a full service customer we will contact you and collect this information.  If you are a Gold package or a Platinum package client we will update your  local business listing with this information upon your submission.  Also, if you are a full service client we will fix duplicate listings as a local SEO service because duplicates create major SEO risk for your business.  If you manage your business listings yourself, or even with another local internet marketing  company that does not use the proprietary software that Elite Local Listings uses you’ll never know how your digital presence is performing.

I noticed you have a choice between a one-time fix and a monthly recurring fee. What is the difference?

There is actually no permanent record when it comes to your online local business listing.  The only way to ensure that your local business listings are correct is to continually control them through the proprietary software that Elite Local Listings uses. Local internet marketing companies use multiple databases that exist each with different methods to compile data.  As an Elite Local Listings client we lock down your listings and ensure that these directories do not overwrite your listings with data that is submitted it to them by any other source including another local SEO service.  The recurring fee signals to publishers that your local business listing is live and active.  Our local internet marketing  is the investment that allows you to continue benefiting from Elite Local Listings real-time solution updating with enhanced content like special offers, menus, products and services, bios, and customer reviews-This you could not do manually on your own or on most review sites.  The onetime fix or the basic package expires after 30 days. We offer it as a limited local SEO service.  This package is fine for clients who want to test the service.  We strongly recommend that clients upgrade to the Gold or Platinum package if they want to ensure that the results achieved remain visible to their customers online.

What happens if I cancel?

If you decide to cancel, the lock down on your local business listing will be released.  Each publisher will regain control of your local business listing on their site, and your data will be subject to their changes.  Your enhanced content-like photos, videos, products, menus, bios, business hours, and special offers that we created for you for local internet marketing-will be removed when the lock down is released.  In many cases , for our customers, our local SEO service even within 30 days shows some activity based on the enhanced  information we added. Your basic local business listing will remain online and is not removed.

What if I need more support?

Elite Local Listings is not just an online company for local SEO service.  We offer live support and full service packages for local internet marketing. Many clients nationwide take advantage of our full service option.  Our  full service packages include local SEO service with customized options for our clients.  Full service clients have frequent communication with their dedicated Account Manager.  They receive additional local internet marketing tools, products, and services.  Full service packages are best for clients who are not very savvy with computers or do not want to spend time providing content and information for their website and listings on their own.  Clients are welcome to upgrade to a full service package at any time.  Contact us to determine if offer a service package is best for your business.


Elite Local Listings reserves the right to refuse all orders it deems unable to fill.  Digital presence management services are only available to United States physical business addresses.  All sales are final and customer assumes responsibility for all information provided and agrees that the information is correct.

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